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Jeremy Ryan

My name is Jeremy. Some people call me “Mr. Creative”. Nice to meet you.


My studio is located on the beautiful Central Coast of California. I live in my studio (just ask my wife).

I am currently non-union.

No.  The 1900’s are over.  Also, I no longer record on reel-to-reel.  If you’d like to hookup for a session, we can simply schedule a meeting with your favorite video chat service.  All session audio is recorded locally (w/ redundant in-house & cloud backups), then quickly edited & processed, double-checked for quality assurance and delivered to you swiftly.  If you insist on real-time recording of RAW audio “down the line”, we can make arrangements.


Standard licensing is for 6 months.  All rights are reserved.  “Buyout” licensing requires additional compensation and a separate agreement.

Then I will hunt you down and poke you in the eye.  Seriously though, I understand the nature of our business and the process of creating a masterpiece sometimes requires a little fine-tuning, but there are revision fees for changes.  Think of it this way… If someone painted your house and then you decided you wanted a different color, would expect them to just do it again for free?  Would you work for free?  Me neither.  Please remember to proof your scripts and instructions prior to submitting your orders.  Thank you.


For private use?  Sure!  For sale or public use?  Maybe.  Collaborations, royalty shares & buy-outs require a custom agreement.

Yes, however I choose not to.  Let me explain.  I prefer to offer “shades of me”.  Character acting is fictional and I am a non-fiction type of guy.  I’d rather be real and authentic.

Yes. Financing is available via PayPal Credit. No Interest if paid in full in 6 months. Subject to credit approval. Click here to learn about PayPal Credit.

Yes. In addition to supporting many local charitable organizations, I’m proud to donate to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America.

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