SMP: The Big One!

smp_logoStrap on your seat-belt.  It’s that time of year again.  Saskatoon Motor Products in Saskatchewan Canada revs up their “Big One” campaign.  This is always a flame-throwin’, ear-grabbin’, punch-you-in-your-face, type of advert.  They love using heavy rock music and a hyped up, hyper-speed voiceover.  Bangs and wooshes only add to the excitement.  Notice how they pronounce “Mazda” in Saskatoon, eh!  With commercials like this one, it’s no wonder they sell more vehicles than any other dealer in Western Canada!!  We are striving to become the biggest dealer in the entire country this year.  In 2012 we were ranked #3 overall.  I have proudly been “the voice of the dealership” since 2008, and we continue to break records month after month, year after year.  Crank it up!!

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