WYAV Hates Mummys

Here’s a funny Halloween liner from Classic Rock station WYAV in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The Voice of Santa Claus

“The greatest impression of Santa that I’ve ever heard!” – Mrs. Claus

Tropical Circus

Tropical Circus“In a far away land where Calypso’s isle rises from the surrounding blue sea…”

No doubt about it, voice-overs for music festivals & concerts are some of my all-time favorite jobs. My passion for music fuels my enthusiasm for these projects. I love the anticipation, the energy, the drama. Promotional trailers are the appetizer to the main course… they leave you hungry for more (if done right). This event promo was written and produced by my friends DJ Ruby & Gian at Pure Media Malta. Ruby really understands the art of building excitement and selling the sizzle. It’s no wonder he is considered by many to be the #1 DJ in the Mediterranean region. Watch the trailer and then visit: www.gozosummercarnival.com for more information. If it’s not too late, grab your tickets, “get in character” and let your musical journey unfold.

Ciroc: Taste the Truth

Ciroc VodkaHere’s one that’ll make you thirsty!  The longer this recording session went, the more slurred my speech became… go figure?  Blame it on Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.  Enjoy the spot and please remember to drink responsibly.  Cheers!

Can you handle the truth?


hiccupsHere is a clever & entertaining commercial for iNeedCredit.ca. Simple, fun and memorable. Brought to you by of our friends at Saskatoon Motor Products in Canada. This style is a big departure from their typical, in-your-face, aggressive dealership commercials. Should be a unique and successful campaign!

Fay’s Boat Yard: New England Boat Show

faysboatAnother commercial from New Hampshire! It’s nice to know that my voice is back on-the-air in the Granite State. As you may know, I grew up in Keene, NH. This spot is for Fay’s Boat Yard on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. It’s a “wicked good one” for the New England Boat Show! The voiceover style is straightforward and friendly. TV spot produced by Jimmy B at Lighthouse Media in Boston.  Makes me want to go fishing!  Visit them at: www.faysboatyard.com

McCreery’s: President’s Day Sale

McCreerysThis commercial is for the President’s Day Sales campaign at McCreery’s Home Furnishings in Sacramento, Ca. This is your standard, upbeat, mainstream, retail styled commercial voiceover. Friendly with a little bit of urgency in the delivery. If you’re in the Sacramento area and looking for a great deal on furniture, stop by McCreery’s! You can also visit them online at:http://www.mccreerys.com.

Prairie Wind Casino: Mystic Month

PWCAnother TV spot for our friends at Prarie Wind Casino! This is for their “Mystic Month” promotion. No, that is NOT me singing at the end. Ha! Roll ‘dem bones… Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

SMP: The Big One!

smp_logoStrap on your seat-belt.  It’s that time of year again.  Saskatoon Motor Products in Saskatchewan Canada revs up their “Big One” campaign.  This is always a flame-throwin’, ear-grabbin’, punch-you-in-your-face, type of advert.  They love using heavy rock music and a hyped up, hyper-speed voiceover.  Bangs and wooshes only add to the excitement.  Notice how they pronounce “Mazda” in Saskatoon, eh!  With commercials like this one, it’s no wonder they sell more vehicles than any other dealer in Western Canada!!  We are striving to become the biggest dealer in the entire country this year.  In 2012 we were ranked #3 overall.  I have proudly been “the voice of the dealership” since 2008, and we continue to break records month after month, year after year.  Crank it up!!

Radionomy: Valentines


This is an interesting little Valentines liner for the new “Radionomy” online radio platform.  This sweeper was produced by Claudio from Radionomy.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, you might want to check ’em out at www.radionomy.com.   The company is from France/Belgium and they recently made their debut in the US.  Their website says, “Radionomy is a free ground-breaking platform that is changing the way people from around the world connect, discover, listen to and create online radio stations.  Radionomy provides station producers with the tools and infrastructure to create, broadcast, promote and monetize their own online radio station completely free of charge.”   

Read the Billboard Biz article for more info.  Read the TechCrunch article for more info.